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Making a 999 Call



Making a 999 call to the emergency services can be a distressing time for all those concerned.

Not only will the caller be in a possible agitated state, but the control operator will need to extract as much information from the caller as quickly and as precise as possible.

When you dial 999 you will be asked by the BT Operator which emergency service you require.

Once you have been put through to the Fire Brigade the Emergency Control Operator will ask you a number of questions relating to the emergency you are reporting.

1.What type of incident are you reporting?
This information is needed so the correct number of appliances and equipment can be sent to the incident. Include any other information you feel is relevant, i.e., if you believe there may be people involved in a house fire or if someone may be trapped in a road traffic accident.

2.What is the location of the incident.
It is essential that you know the address where you need the Fire Brigade to attend.
• Give the name or number of the building involved.
• The name of the road.
• The nearest junction road or side turning (if known).
• The district and/or post code and any landmarks you think may help in pinpointing the exact location.

If you are travelling along a motorway and reporting an incident, try to take note of which direction you are travelling and the next junction you are heading towards.

Remember: remain calm, speak slowly and clearly and if possible try to spell any unusual sounding road names.

An alternative is to have BT Redcare installed and have Faelsafe monitor your alarm system from our alarm monitoring station. That way the fire alarm system does all the work for you and you just have to worry about evacuating safely.

For more information please contact us on 08000 936 496.

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