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A dry riser is a main vertical pipe intended to distribute water to multiple levels of a building or structure as a component of the fire suppression systems. The pipe is maintained empty of water.

Any building's dry risers are vulnerable to neglect, corrosion and vandalism. Which is why it's crucial to get your dry risers inspected and pressure-tested on a regular basis-to make sure they'll work when you need them to. In the unfortunate event a large fire occurs, it is fundamentally important the fire brigade can access and use the dry risers in order to tackle a fire.

British Standard 9990/2006 recommends that the system is visually inspected every 6 months and serviced annually to ensure that the equipment is ready for immediate use in an emergency.

Insurance companies have stated that without evidence of a 6 monthly visual inspection and an annual service certificate, insurance coverage may be invalid. Furthermore, if your system fails and it can be demonstrated that this was due to lack of maintenance, you could be exposed to prosecution.

At Faelsafe SMC we employ a trained team of engineers who can test, repair and review an existing riser against the latest standards and fit part replacements where required. For peace of mind choose Faelsafe Ltd to inspect and maintain your dry riser.

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