Faelsafe (SMC) Ltd Achieve yet more 3rd Party Accreditations – ECA and FSA

Faelsafe (SMC) Ltd continue with their success in achieving more 3rd Party accreditations – this time as part of the expansion into Electrical works and working with their sister company Faelsafe Electrical, we have secured our accreditation with the Electrical Contractors Association and Fire and Security Association.

The ECA has been a driving force in the electrotechnical and engineering services industry since the Association’s formation in 1901. ECA continues to work on improving standards, supporting the industry, and creating a sustainable business environment.

The ECA represents organisations who design and install engineering services. At present, there are approaching 3000 ECA member organisations, who collectively have a combined industry turnover of more than £6 billion annually

Upon joining ECA, each member-business selects one of 12 ECA regions across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, based on their location and where they do business.

ECA regions form part of the trade association’s democratic structure, which at its lowest geographical level involves representation through a series of local branches.


Each local branch is represented at regional level by a number of firms, dependent on the total number based within each locality. All of these regional groupings are known as Regional Executive Committees (RECs).

FSA membership is only available to companies who have achieved the highest levels of certification in the Fire, Security or Monitoring centre fields – through ‘approved’ industry certification bodies.

Additionally, clients can be assured that FSA member companies, not only deliver the highest calibre of work possible, but are also supported by an organisation that ensures they are performing at their peak. FSA also proactively work with the wider industry to improve professionalism and commercial opportunity.

Moreover, as a member of the FSA, Faelsafe (SMC) Ltd gain access to all the benefits and services from the ECA.