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As part of an annual program of system maintenance, integrity testing of the protected enclosure must be undertaken to ensure that on discharge, the extinguishing agent achieves the correct concentration at the necessary height for the minimum required retention time.

ISO 15004 states that an enclosure protected by a gaseous extinguishing system must be integrity tested on an annual basis or when changes are made to the enclosure boundary such as new cable penetrations.

At Faelsafe SMC we include integrity testing with all the gas suppression/extinguishing systems we design and install.

We carry out integrity testing on a wide range of suppression/extinguishing systems, and annual integrity testing on a wide range of manufacturers systems. We are able to provide pressure relief dampers if required.

Faelsafe SMC also offers a full room fire sealing service to a guaranteed pass!

Call now for your integrity testing consultation, 08000 936 496.

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