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What you should know



In accordance to BS 5839 part 1 of 2008, every place of work where there are two or more occupants must have reasonable means possible of notifying everyone of a fire or potential fire. The best way to accomplish this is to install a fire alarm system in accordance to Bs5839 part 1 of 2008.

If you have a fire alarm system installed it should be tested and serviced by a competent service company every three to six months in accordance with the Fire Precautions (workplace) regulations 1997.

If you still have a 240V Mains Manual Fire Alarm System installed in your workplace, you are contravening the Health and safety (signs and signals) regulations act of 1996 (schedule 1, part 1, section 8).

Your gas suppression/extinguishant system should be serviced every six months minimum by a registered F-Gas certified company.

Your room integrity test should be performed by a competent service company and a pass certificate issued and displayed annually.

Any pressure vessels storing gas suppression agents must be hydraulically tested/stretch tested every 10 years minimum.

Your premises fire risk assessment should be reviewed every year by a competent person in accordance with the regulatory reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO).

Fire extinguishers should be serviced annually in accordance to Bs 5306 part 3 of 2003.

Your emergency lighting should be tested monthly by a responsible person in your workplace and should be serviced by a competent person every six months and a full discharge of each light should be undertaken annually in order to comply with Bs5266 (pt 1, 7 & 8).
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