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Carbon dioxide as an extinguishing agent is swift and thorough. Within seconds, it smothers a fire and holds damage to a minimum. Stored under pressure as a liquid, carbon dioxide quickly expands to vapour and a state of fine particles of dry ice, much like snow. This “snow” absorbs heat rapidly changing to a vapour under normal temperature conditions, and even faster in the presence of fire. The carbon dioxide vapour chokes combustion, and the snow effect reduces the ambient temperature to help prevent reignition. Moreover, carbon dioxide is a three dimensional agent, enabling it to penetrate the entire hazard area, including electrical cabinets. With low and high pressure extinguishing capabilities it is designed to handle specific hazards. Carbon pressure carbon dioxide systems have dioxide that are harmless to equipment, materials and property. It leaves no residue to be cleaned up, mopped up or scraped off. Production downtime is held to a minimum.

Carbon dioxide is a colourless, odourless, electrically non-conductive agent for the protection of vital services. In many instances, water is not a suitable extinguishing medium, for example, where electrical equipment is concerned or clean up time is vital, gaseous extinguishing agent is the only option.

Carbon dioxide systems are installed in unoccupied applications, as the agent is hazardous to humans due to the concentrations required to extinguish fires. It is discharged into an enclosure or directly onto the surface requiring protection, and reduces the oxygen level to below that which can support combustion, creating a cooling effect on the fire and surrounding areas. The carbon dioxide is stored as a liquid in a cylinder or bulk tank.

These systems are designed in accordance with BS5304 part 4 and National Fire Protection Association. The use of carbon dioxide has for many years been accepted as a clean and efficient agent. It has been proven to be non-damaging to electronic equipment, paintings, archives, magnetic media, etc. Being a gaseous agent carbon dioxide penetrates all affected areas.

Benefits & Features
• Clean and effective
• Non-damaging
• No clean up
• Cost effective
• Electrically non-conductive
• Total flooding, local application and in cabinet protection available
• Versatile range of cylinders, nozzles and ancillaries
• Extensively tested, recognised and approved worldwide

• Transformer rooms
• Switch rooms
• Cable vaults
• Archives
• Generators
• Industrial process
• Flammable store

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