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FM 200

This is the replacement option most similar in system design and function to Halon. The most common halocarbon for this use is FM200. Like Halon, FM200 is a liquefiable gas, stored in liquid form and only achieving its operating gas state when released at the dispersion point. FM200 extinguishes fires through a chemical reaction so the oxygen level in the facility remains at a breathable level. FM200 requires a relatively limited volume of stored liquid and is therefore the preferred choice where space is limited.

Benefits & Features
• Fast & effective
• No significant reduction in oxygen levels
• Clean gaseous agent leaving no residue
• Zero ozone depleting potential
• Low global warming potential
• Short atmospheric life span
• Electronically non-conductive
• Safe for use in fully occupied areas
• Minimal storage requirement
• Versatile range of containers, nozzle and ancillaries
• Extensively tested, recognised and approved worldwide
• Effective on site installation

• Computer areas
• Gas turbines
• Oil industry installations
• Telecommunications
• Power generation
• Shipping
• Museums and archives

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