Having a CCTV system in the workplace can deterring break-ins and also help staff feel more confident when at work. Geeting the most out of a CCTV system requires more than just installing cameras. A robust security system is a fundamental component that can serve as a crime deterrent for your premises. As a leading fire, security and life safety company, we offer a range of approved systems and technologies that keep your premises and your people safe and secure, specialising in the design, installation and monitoring of Visual Surveillance Systems / CCTV and Intruder Alarms, complying with the British Standards, BS EN 50131-1, BS EN 50131-8, BS EN 62676.

In today’s modern world, there is more to a sophisticated video surveillance system than just cameras. Are you getting the most out of your system? Are all stakeholders getting the security reassure they need that their buildings, assets and people are safe?


Remote Monitoring

We provide encrypted remote connections through a 24/7 remote monitoring service suite which not only provides an extra level of security but also enables us to centrally access and diagnose issues, avoiding unnecessary time and expense in us attending site, providing you with assurance that our team can respond immediately and effectively.

A monitored system means you can respond to security threats in real-time and potentially prevent an incident from occurring. If an intruder or other unusual activity is detected by the CCTV system, an alarm is sent to the remote monitoring station. Operators are then able to respond right away and take immediate action if necessary. They will notify the police and the key holder for the building.

Remote monitoring provides business, operators and landlords with further peace of mind that their premises are secure 24/7. Furthermore it can save businesses thousands of pounds in potential losses from theft or other criminal activity. contact our Service Team today to discuss your needs 0333 666 9995 option 3.