Faelsafe Life Safety Ltd is extremely experienced in fire suppression services having helped many major companies protect their mission critical systems. We have the experience, track record and technical competence to plan, install and commission many types of suppression systems.

These systems broadly fall into the following groups:
• Argonite
• HFC 227ea
• CO2 flood systems
• Nitrogen
• Watermist
• Oxy-reduct

Gaseous extinguishing systems offer extra peace of mind where buildings contain valuable equipment such as computers, vital communication rooms, data storage or valuable archives. If a fire is detected the gas is discharged throughout the protected space, extinguishing the fire and causing minimum damage to the contents of the room.

One of our existing and loyal customers is the Network Rail Archive, based in York.


Clean agent systems provide electrical non-conductivity, minimal down time to users following a fire and leave no residue, ensuring no clean-up and immediate business continuity.

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