A recent article in Fire and Risk Management, published by the Fire Protection Association, highlighted the importance of working sprinkler systems in helping save lives, as stressed by the fire and rescue services.

Sprinklers are invaluable. They save lives and reduce injuries, protect firefighters who respond to fires and reduce the amount of fire damage to property and the environment.

(Simon Barry, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, West Midlands Fire Service.)

West Midlands Fire Service echoed the significance of sprinkler systems following a fire incident at a retirement complex in Pembrokeshire on 26 March. Fire crews were alerted to a fire that had broken out in the communal laundry room of the multi occupied residential property by the automated system. 67 residents were evacuated from the complex and no injuries were reported.

This demonstrates the value of automated fire sprinkler systems which suppress or extinguish fires in the early stages of fire development. This improves occupant safety, allows additional time for fire crews to assess the incidents they attend and reduces the risk to firefighters undertaking subsequent firefighting actions

( Sion Slaymaker, Head of Fire Safety) 

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