Meet Andrew!

The creator and brains behind Faelsafe Life Safety Ltd and Faelsafe Electrical Ltd.
Where would be your favourite holiday destination?
Santa Cruz
Do you have any hidden talents Andrew? 
What did you want to be when you were younger? 
An architect
Favourite colour?
Describe your preferred night in or night out? 
Out at the pub
Favourite food? 
Shepherds Pie
Best bit about working at Faelsafe?
Great teamwork


To blog is to connect with the world and that’s exactly what we are doing here at Faelsafe HQ!

This is our first EVER blog – awesome isn’t it! We know, we know, we’re really late to the party but WELCOME! We hope you stick with us to hear all about our industry, our team, our work and our passion. As one of the top respected fire, life safety and electrical specialist companies in the UK since 2012 it’s only taken us 11 years to get on the super blogging highway! Don’t knock us – WE ARE HERE and we can’t wait to share, connect and spread the love #faelsafehq