Implementing any video surveillance is a useful way to increase the security of your premises. The first step is choosing the surveillance system that best fits your business needs. Video surveillance is the most cost effective way to provide protection to your business, your resources, people, assets and information.

Benefits of video surveillance include:

  • Employee’s safety
  • Enable remote monitoring
  • Reduce theft, loss and vandalism
  • High quality, long term investment

A robust security system is a fundamental component that can serve as a crime deterrent for your premises. As a leading fire, security and life safety company, we offer a range of approved systems and technologies that keep your premises and your people safe and secure, specialising in the design, installation and monitoring of Visual Surveillance Systems / CCTV and Intruder Alarms, complying with the British Standards, BS EN 50131-1, BS EN 50131-8, BS EN 62676.

We only use the latest technology from leading manufacturers of cloud-based CCTV and Intruder Alarm equipment including Hikvision, Honeywell and Texecom.

In addition, we provide encrypted remote connections through a 24/7 remote monitoring service suite which not only provides an extra level of security but also enables us to centrally access and diagnose issues, avoiding unnecessary time and expense in us attending site, providing you with assurance that our team can respond immediately and effectively.

We also encourage customers to take advantage of our comprehensive maintenance and servicing, providing continued high-quality service and ensuring your security solutions continue to comply with the British Standards.

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