As the world moves slowly but surely away from fossil fuels, almost every business and organisation that operates vehicles will eventually need EV charging infrastructure. 

Many organisations have installed some EV charging solutions already, others are just starting to think about it. Let’s look into what businesses need to consider making that move into the world of EV.

Why should your business provide EV charging solutions?

  • Do you have a desire to improve air quality? – This might be part of a corporate drive to reduce emissions or in response to a Clean Air Zone 
  • Does your business embrace net zero goals? – We’re seeing more and more businesses setting net zero goals including switching company vehicles to EVs 
  • Would your customers and employees benefit from EV charge points? – You could bring in an income or provide this as a customer/staff benefit


What type of charger should I choose?

In most cases, your employees would be parked up for long periods of time, so you can opt for a standard 7kW fast chargers rather than 22kW. This helps keep your power usage at a lower level and also means you can install more charging bays. 

If you think you may benefit from rapid chargers and have your vehicle ready to go after an hour, then we can provide those solutions too!


3 Steps to become EV ready!

Whatever your requirements we offer a simple 3-step process to find the perfect EV solution for you:

1: Call us to discuss your EV requirements 0333 666 9995

2: We will provide you with a bespoke and competitive quote

3: Our dedicated EV team install your EV charge points and you’re good to go!

For further information visit our website  – We look forward to hearing from you soon!